Kingmaker is a PR-agency that is dedicated to creating value through the black art of PR. We can make your company famous. Or disappear from the face of media, if needed.
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What we do?

We help ambitious businesses to get media coverage, increase trust and meet a variety of goals – be it increased sales, brand awareness, a shift in thinking or something totally different.

What sets us apart is our no-bullshit approach – we know what the media wants and we are able to find a solution for every business to trigger media interest. Sometimes it’s a twist in a press release title, sometimes it calls for a crazy media event. Whatever it takes, we go for it.

When can we help?

When you want to show your achievements, perhaps to make your team proud to be working with you or to shine in front of possible investors. Want to be one of the big boys, introduce your unique products or services and simply sell more. Our specialty is consulting companies with ambition of challenging the market.

We know how it works

Partner Hans Saarvelt has close to 20 years of experience in dealing with the media, and consulting around 100 companies of different shapes and sizes to increase their public presence.

Partner Kristjan Oad has worked for many years as CEO of an entrepreneurship university, he has unique experience in transforming organisational culture into focusing on market and media, as well as finding and training new opinion leaders. Kristjan can think along with you and help you pinpoint the PR jewels in your team.
We have a strong track record in the following fields

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Real Estate
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